Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Want To Feel Your Love

 I didn't find this one at a thrift store or swap meet in San Francisco, I'll be real for a minute, I bought it on ebay.

 There now thats out of the way, we can all move on. As with (nearly) all the afro funk in my collection, which I love, I had to yearn for it over many years before finally succumbing to the fact that I was never going to pull it out of a box in some California backwater, suck it up, save my pocket money, and buy it off a Nigerian dentistry student living in Frankfurt.

 Oby Onyioha was the daughter of a West African spiritual leader, His Holiness Ogbaja Kama Onu Kama Onyioha, prophet of the Godian faith. Which isn't something you hear every day.

 These tracks are taken from her 1981 LP, 'I Want To Feel Your Love'.

Oby Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life