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E-cigarette Do eCigarettes Really Have No Nicotine?

Many smokers who have had a hard time quitting may find that nicotine free e-cigarettes are a blessing. But not all electronic cigarettes are nicotine free. Truthfully, not all e-cigs are nicotine free. E-cigarettes that are nicotine free can replicate the functions of a cigarette and give the satisfaction of the act of smoking real cigarettes users crave. An e-cigarette doesn't release flame or tar so you don't have to worry about ashes or the cigarette smell that stays on your clothes, furniture, or car.
Many smokers are going for e-cigarettes and turning their backs on nicotine patches or gums, and prescription medicine. They're doing this to cure their smoking addiction; this is a better option for them. The water vapor released from e-cigarettes does no put the health of people around the smokers at risk to the harmful effects of burning tobacco. But, it is still being linked to other products that are tobacco related. This has lowered e-cigarettes potential as possible aid for smokers who are having a hard time converting to a lifestyle that's healthier.
One other feature of an e-cigarette as smoking substitute is its ability to deliver nicotine, if you prefer to have it. Depending on its brand, e-cigarettes can be loaded with cartridges that can contain nicotine. As a dangerous substance, nicotine has long been known to pose hazards to your heart. Different brands have different formulations of its nicotine content and buyers have to be aware of this before indulging in these cartridges. The amount of nicotine can vary from less than 10 mg up to a staggering over 50 mg or more then 3% of its overall liquid composition. Granting that there is absence of tar in e-cigarette, the amount of nicotine that can possibly be incorporated in the product will not help anyone looking to kick the addiction. If anything, it will only encourage the habit.
Cigarette vs E-cigarette
In terms of tar content cigarette still trumps any e-cigarette even if the latter does contain nicotine. This toxic substance, produced upon the burning of the cigarette, is responsible for the staining of smokers' teeth and lung diseases. A smoker trying to quit can do away with these health risks by switching to an e-cigarette. The device's heating element or atomizer can still deliver the water vapor that you can inhale like cigarette smoke. The amount of water vapor can vary per brand so you can have the option to get the e-cigarette that best mimics your favorite tobacco's smoke density. If you want to do away with any form of toxin altogether, you can also opt for a non-nicotine ecigarette.
Main Point
There are numerous e-cigarette brands available in the market that's ideal for your needs and budget. You can check out the advantages of smoking e-cigarettes if you want to slowly allow your body to adjust to a less harmful option. Those who are thinking about a nicotine-free e-cigarette can get the most rewards of transitioning to a healthier smoking habit. To find the ideal e-cigarette for you, you can do comparison shopping like with other products.

Tips to Choose the Best Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes, a battery functioned device that offers similar sensation as that of traditional tobacco cigarettes have become very popular today. Reviews explain though it contains comparatively less harmful chemicals as it does not contribute to tar formation or bad odor suffered by frequent smokers.
There are various tips to choose the right brand among all the top electronic cigarette brands. First, electronic cigarettes come packed with a number of deals that enables users to save money and hence are cost effective. This is a factor that can be taken into consideration while choosing the best electronic cigarette. Second, the most appealing part of e devices is that it offers great convenience to users. Users can carry them as per their requirement. It takes lesser time to assemble and is uncomplicated.
Third, users are also provided with a number of options of flavors and different nicotine levels. The nicotine content of electronic cigarettes can be reduced or strengthened as per one’s requirement. It satisfies one’s cravings towards smoking. It leaves a user smell fresh and clean. In fourth is the smoking experience facilitated by electronic cigarettes. The smokeless cigarette vaporizes the nicotine instead of releasing smoke. It contains industry leading smoke volume. So, users can choose the one that satisfies their cravings.
On fifth place, stands the quality of the vapor cigarette. The ingredients included in it should be reliable and tested so that users are satisfied with it. Most importantly, good smoking experience relies on the quality offered by the brands. One should choose those products that are naturally extracted in order to prepare the products. The best electronic cigarette brand should provide extra mouthpiece and atomic chamber which are parts of an electronic cigarette that are more likely to be infested with bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
Thus these considerations should be kept in mind while choosing the best electronic cigarette brand.

Blue E-Cig Review - Does Blue Electronic Cigarette Work

Smoking causes endless hazards. Affecting the respiratory functions in your system it causes several other impairments to your body and mind. The worst of all is the rising number of cancer cases and consequent deaths. Thus, it is essential to quit smoking before it’s too late. The best way to achieve your target is to replace those conventional puffs and switch on to some e-cigarettes. E-cigs are healthy and aid you in getting rid of the addiction of those health-damaging cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes like Blue eCigarette are free from pollutants and flames; these contain no tar thereby keeping impairments at bay.
Claim Your Free Trial of Blue Electronic Cigarette

Normally, smoking turns into an addiction so to get rid of this habit is not an easy affair. Therefore it calls for some alternative modes to do away with this unhealthy practice. E-cigarettes are safe and offer the smoker safe way to eliminate the tar filled puffs. The benefit is that free from smoke, one can enjoy those puffs even in a public gathering and at home as well. Free from tobacco and tar the person can inhale the nicotine with the same taste and satisfaction as with the traditional ones. This is the best solution for those who intend to quit smoking and is even cost-effective simultaneously saving your money and well being. Once refilled the cartridge will last equivalent to two packets of those regular cigarettes.   

The entire kit of Blue E-cigarettes is a money saver and causes much less risk to your heart and health. With zero carbon monoxide the body remains free from the perils of the effects of those traditional cigarettes. The best way to quit smoking is to make use of e-cigarettes. In fact, for starters, nothing is as better as this. 

Apart from these, some additional benefits of using this e-cigarettes are mentioned as follows-
  • Safe and tar free with zero side-effects
  • Free from bad breath and smell of ash
  • Saves your money and doesn’t contain any additives 
  • No teeth discoloration
  • Offers you full satisfaction without causing any damage to your internal system

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eSignature Solution for Enterprise and Real Estate Document Signing

SutiSign seamlessly integrates with both web/enterprise solutions. In addition, to internal/external system approvals that can benefit from the use of e-signatures, SutiSign allows anycontract document to be offered for acceptance/approval. As a web based application, theapproval process can be extended to other locations and even 3rd parties allowing a company to capture signatures from a large audience in a short time frame.

SutiSign is available as an enterprise class application and also as an on-demand web application. Three editions are available: Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited. It’s easy to see how paperless approval processes can reduce your bottom line. All of the costs involved around paper-based approvals including paper, storage, shipping, processing, data entry, and time can be reduced significantly or completely with the SutiSign approval engine. With its enhanced feature set, SutiSign provides a simple, secure, seamless, and scalable e-signature approval engine solution to meet your needs.

SutiSoft Inc, a trusted provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise solutions announced additional features of SutiSign, its solution for signing of electronic documents for Enterprise, Finance, Real Estate and Educational Verticles. These features eliminate the need to wait for email notifications to sign and allow immediate signing during in-person scenarios. Signing documents using SutiSign is as simple as signing paper documents.
Here is a sample scenario. A service technician makes a repair for a customer. The technician, using an iPad, clicks to create a service request and immediately presents it to the customer for review and signature. The customer reviews the document and completes any required fields. Using the touchpad, the customer signs their names in the required places and confirms their signing. The document is now signed and an audit trail is maintained including the signer’s signature. The solution supports multiple signers.

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Best Android apps to help you get in shape and have a sexy body

Are you looking to build some muscle, beef up your biceps, and shape up your abs? Or, maybe you are looking to reduce that extra body fat, bring down your cholesterol level, and get your body in shape? If your answer is yes to any or all of these, then why not let your Android device help you out? Below is a compilation of the 10 must-have apps that can help you get in-depth fitness advice and guide you towards gaining a fit and healthy body.

Be Our Valentine

 45 minute mini mix of valentine love jams for you.  In typical B.E. fashion these tracks represent the extremes of class and sleaze. Thank you to our friend for providing the lone cassette sourced track on this mix.  Happy valentine's day.

Beat Electric Valentines Mix

JCB Band - Being In Love (86)
Andre Lavonne - I Want Your Love (87)
Roy Ayers - Midnight After Dark (89)
Bobby G - Lollipop Girl (91)
Robbie M - What Is It Girl? (instrumental) (89)
Show And Tell - Sex With Me (9?)
Danté- Freak In Me edit (85)
10dB - I Burn For You (88)
Michael Wycoff - Tell Me Love (83)
Enchantment - Somebody's Loving You (83)
Chas - For Your Love (85)
Sensation! - Lovergirl (instrumental) (8?)
Ingram - Just For You (85)

Logic System

 I found this track at the tail end of a weird 1982 new wave compilation out of Japan. It looks to be pressed by Toshiba, as in the people who make the washing machines, so what there connection was to electro dance pop at the time I don't know, but if anyone has any other electronic music compilations put out by home utensil manufacturer please let me know.

 Logic System was the solo project of Hideki Matsutake, a synthesizer technician who worked for Tomita and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Before I was about to post this up I saw that this particular track had already seen a reissue in 2011, but it seems it was all remixes and they never included the original cut, so here it is..

Logic System - Clash

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D.C. Funk

 It's been a busy week since I got back from D.C. and I finally had a minute to record a few tracks to share here. I had a great time out there, got a chance to look at records almost every day of my visit, saw the Earcave in person, and got to meet the Beautiful Swimmers. The cherry on top of the trip was a private show from George Smallwood in his home a few hours before my return flight.

 Som Records is the best shop in D.C. I loaded up a healthy stack of twelve inches including many local go-go funk records that are obviously everywhere in their home town but a bit harder to find here on the west coast. Here are two of my favorite local finds. Master Jam released two singles on local D.C. micro label 2nd To None. "Celebrity Funk" is a cool vocoder instrumental on the one-off DOC label.

Master Jam - Freak With You

Chris Thomas - Celebrity Funk (instrumental)

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Electronic World - How We Use Electronics in Daily Life

Using electronics today is so much a part of our daily lives we hardly think of the way the world would be without electronics. Everything from cooking to music uses electronics or electronic components in some way. Our family car has many electronic components, as does our cooking stove, laptop and cell phone. Children and teenagers carry mobile phones with them everywhere and use them to take and send pictures, videos, and to play music. They send text messages on the cell phone to other phones and to their home computers.
Wireless internet is becoming more common all the time, with laptops set up in cyber cafes where people can drink coffee and check their email all at the same time. The computer user can do all the web searching in relative privacy thanks to the electronic accessories which can be added to the computer. Conversely, more and more transactions are being sent electronically across the airwaves so security is becoming a larger issue than ever before. Merchants who sell products online must be able to assure their customers that information submitted at a website is not being accessed by unauthorized personnel.
Music is a prime user of electronics, both in recording and in playback mode. Stereos, record players, tape decks, cassette players, CD drives and DVD players are all the result of advances in electronics technology in the last few decades. Today people can carry a playlist of hundreds of songs around with them easily in a very small device--easily portable. When you add Bluetooth or headphones the music can be heard by the user, but does not disturb those nearby.
Electronics technology in cameras has increased dramatically. A digital camera is available to most Americans at a price they can afford and cellphones often includes a fairly sophisticated digital camera that can capture still pictures or even video pictures and store them or transfer them to a computer where they can be saved, shared digitally with family or friends or printed out in hard form with a photo printer device. Pictures obtained through a camera or by means of a scanner can be edited, cropped, enhanced or enlarged easily through the marvel of electronics.
Literally thousands of everyday devices that we use constantly make use of electronics technology in order to operate. These are products ranging from automotive engines to automated equipment in production settings. Even artistic efforts benefit from computer modeling prior to the committing of valuable artistic media to create the finished product.
Electronics devices are being used in the health field, not only to assist in diagnosis and determination of medical problems, but to assist in the research that is providing treatment and cures for illnesses and even genetic anomalies. Equipment such as MRI, CAT and the older X-rays, tests for diabetes, cholesterol and other blood component tests all rely on electronics in order to do their work quickly and accurately. Pacemakers and similar equipment implanted in the body is now almost routine.

Importance of Eco-Friendly Disposal of Electronic and Electrical Wastes

If you are still oblivious of the benefits of recycling and disposal of all kinds of wastes including e wastes or electronic wastes that emerge from your business or home, then it is high time for you to ponder deeply over this issue and decide in favor of one of your long-term goals, which is contributing towards the preservation of the environment in a clean, green way.
The importance of adopting eco-friendly measures for the disposal and recycling of e wastes
As a businessperson or a resident, it is our duty to abide by the set rules and legal legislations that govern the disposal, recycling and management of all types of e wastes.
Moreover, through environment-friendly processing, the approved recyclers make sure that none of the e wastes enter the landfills and cause any sort of pollution or contamination.
Computers and accessories
As dutiful and responsible citizens, it is our responsibility to make sure that we dispose dangerous items like old and unused computers and spare parts in a safe manner. There are hazardous elements in these parts like lead that can turn out to be dangerous not only for people but also for the natural resources like water and air. Hence, they should be disposed with the help of professionally trained experts, in an eco-friendly manner.
At the same time, it is heartening to note that there are many techniques being introduced to recycle products and make them fit for reuse.
A wide range of products can be recycled
It will be helpful for you to know about the various types of products that can be recycled and disposed in a safe and eco-friendly manner. They are:
a. Plastic:
Right from toys to the most sophisticated products like cards, plastic is widely used in all the countries with specific reference to the highly developed ones. By using more and more plastic products, we are instigating the spread of the greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, the need for adopting recycling with respect to plastic is all the more felt today. By recycling, we help in reducing the energy levels used by nearly 30%. These include plastic bottles, food jars and other kinds of plastic wrap.
b. Aluminum:
Metals like aluminum have high recycling value since they can be reused for various purposes. By recycling, the energy consumption is reduced by a whopping 90%. This is too good a deal to be missed.
c. Steel:
Steel contained in products like tin cans, auto parts and equipment can be recycled to be reused as new products like car parts and building components.
d. Glass:
Glass is considered as one of the common forms of waste that emerges from both residential and industrial activities. When old glass items are recycled to make new ones, they contribute in reducing the energy consumption to nearly 40%. The glass comprised in beverage containers and food jars can be recycled.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8021771

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Dubai Map, Dubai Hotel Map – Checkout the Global Village

Dubai is one among the most sought-after cities in the world and it is the capital of United Arab Emirates. This is the most populous city in the country. The city is set on the southern coast of Persian Gulf and it holds a reputation of cosmopolitan city.
The city is supposed to be established almost 150 years prior to the establishment of United Arabian State. In this scenario, Dubai is a major tourism destination of Middle East as well as a prominent financial center. Often called as European replica in Mediterranean, this is the most advanced city in entire gulf area.
The city is completely enchanting. If you will go through a Dubai Map carefully, you will find that this city offers almost every sort of delight for people. A Dubai Map will also assist you in finding various attractions around the city whether it is man made or natural.
If you are planning a trip to the city, you must checkout a Dubai atlas to locate hotels in the city. To get all the information about better hotels in the area, you must go through a Dubai Hotel Map. These maps normally incorporate every detail, which are essential for a tourist who is landing for the first time in global village.
Now, you can also get information by using electronic versions of Dubai Map. These are specially launched by Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce marketing. Electronic Dubai maps are introduced to provide all the expertise of a great Dubai expedition to travelers at their doorstep. This online version of the map is available in several languages, including English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish and Japanese.
The niche map also lets you gather details about several accommodations in the city, as it incorporates Dubai Hotel Map.
These maps offer a convenient search facility to find out all the major landmarks in the emirate and also provide  a directory of almost every hotel, apartment, shopping mall, hospital, diplomatic mission, places of interest, heritage sites etc.  
Many traveler sites also offer online Dubai hotel maps , which is a complete database of hotels located in the area. An extensive detail provided on these Dubai hotel maps allows tourist to find an accommodation in accordance with their budget.
Dubai is a treat for expeditors, as one can find a tint of almost every culture here. Check-in in Georgia Armani’s hotel at the tallest edifice of the world –Burj Dubai or land to modern world’s enchantment, two most attractive human creations, ‘The Palm’ and ‘The World’. Famed as new landmarks on earth, apart from Great Wall of China, these two are man-made islands. Nonetheless, Dubai has an impression of real estate marvel but its natural wonders are equally enthralling. 

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Like A Ton Of Bricks

 Here is a dollar bin sleeper. Private Sector were a New Jersey scene punk'ish new wave act that played under a couple of different names in the clubs, Odin, The Proof etc depending on the style of music and clientele they were playing for.

 Like A Ton Of Bricks was their first of two singles, coming out in 1983 on the not insignificant and one day to be bought by Sony,  Relativity Records. There is a 1986 single and a 1987 album, but nothing else they did was as funky as this instrumental B side.

Private Sector - Bricks Mix (Instrumental)

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A few weeks ago during Labor Day weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Miami's Psychic Mirror's twice in Southern California and it was really an amazing thing to experience. For any of you uninitiated, they are an 8-12 piece boogie band that really know how to put some slide in yo glide and some dip in yo hip. They also got some new material coming out of PPU and it sounds pretty awesome from what I have heard. I was fortunate enough to host the entire band along with the Miami Players Club along with the rest of the Cosmic Chronic family. Copious amounts of beer, boogie and buds was a good way to enhance the positive vibe from coast to coast. Major shout out Mickey and Co. for their talented funk agenda! Keep an eye out for these cool cats!

I recently acquired this piece of Italo history in a truth telling contest two towns over. It is very uncommon to come across this Italian masterpiece but it has a pretty good effect on the dance floor from what I have seen. Plustwo was a 4 piece band who on the surface are quite "poppy", but still manage to keep your interests piqued with good drum programming and catchy keys. For some people the chipmunk vocals are a deal breaker but I really think it fits really good with the overall vibe of the song. The 12" version of this track borders on "grail" status for a lot of people because it is highly elusive and gives you an extra two minutes of groove but commonly goes for over $400 bucks. The 7", which I am posting here, is slightly easier to find but still pretty scarce and can be had for like a 1/4 of the price. 

They made a pretty legit music video for this track which I will put in our Mega TITE Facebook page. Check it out sometime if you are interested in watching some lo-fi home made video footage. 

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The 5 Laws of Management And How Learn More

What to Expect from a Contact Center Solution Keeping efficient contact with clients is crucial for businesses to maintain a good relationship with their client. Methods for keeping contact are many and varied. Either side can initiate the contact. The bigger the contact center, the bigger the challenge in keeping it all managed properly. When it becomes too much to manage, contact center solution comes into play. When your workers have to spend more of their time with calls, they spend less time elsewhere than they should. Relying solely on agents may open opportunity for human negligence to affect your business. This can lead to a fall in your reputation. A major difference could be made with the simple inclusion of a contact center solution. The use of a contact center solution can provide innumerable benefits, including: Tracking agent productivity –Short Course on Calls – What You Should Know
By tracking an employee’s activity while they are on the clock, this solution can make sure they are spending their time in the company’s best interests. The contact solution can keep track of how well an agent manages their call time. More specifically, the solution can also monitor the state of the call – from on hold to idle to active conversation – and the data can help determine if the agent’s time was well spent. An agent could be judged in their productivity just by the data recorded by the solution.
5 Uses For Recordings
Keep the phone call for review – Sometimes a customer may take issue with a specific call. Records allow a manager to take a look at the call and justify the contents to the customer. Successful calls can be used to show new agents the ropes. Maintain a record of information gathered in the calls – While talking to a customer, an agent can use information previously gathered to aid them. Studying the information recorded by the solution can lead to greater sales in the future. Keep a bead on the other contact point – The day and age we live in means that call centers are more than just a bunch of telephones as the only point of contact. Programs that allow instant communication – from messaging services to email systems – are also mainstays in the new era of keeping contact. The contact center solution adapts to emails and online chats just as easily as phone calls. The contact center solution’s ability to keep up with the changes in technology cannot be underestimated. Adapting is what the contact center solutions do, including adapting to cloud based systems. With a simple monthly payment, a contact center solution will manage your contacts for you. By relying on a service to take a good deal of work away from your agents, you free them up to focus on the consumer.

What Makes An Effective CRM System?

CRM, or ‘customer relationship management’ features all facets of a company’s interaction with its customer, be it sales or service-related. So how does this strategy apply to businesses and what is the most effective ways to utilise it?
What it should enable you to do, is reach out to new customers, therefore maximising your profitability, as well as understanding and retaining the ones you already have.
Ultimately, to be effective for your business, the CRM system should suit your need most of all. As a result, it is prudent to map out the key areas and outcomes you want to focus on in your business.
From there, you need to think about your customers. How are you going to build a relationship between your business and your customer base? What do your customers need from you, what are their reasons for selecting you and what can you provide? How do your service team best fit this model and interact with the customers? These are all questions that once you have considered, will see you gain the most from your CRM system.
Once installed, how do you know that your CRM system is being used effectively? Well, first off, what it should do is provide an instant channel of insight into your customer, forecasting several sales opportunities that you can then work towards. It should also create a highly personalised approach to your customer communication, which will greatly enhance the on-going relationship you have between you customers and yourself. It will need to chart the progress you and your team are making with your client, to give you up to date, relevant information that you can access instantly.
Today, CRM relies predominantly on the use of technology, but the variety of strategies to an effective CRM system will assimilate, manage and connect information relating to your customer. The aim is for you to then manage your market in the most effective way possible. It is evident that having a healthy and reliable CRM system goes a long way to a having a healthy business.
An effective CRM system should help to streamline your way of working; to integrate it carefully and not rely on it fully. It is a technological tool to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes and therefore should not be considered as a replacement for real life interpersonal communication. It has to work in unison with your current methods.

Purchasing a Used Toughbook-What to Look For

When you find yourself in a need of a new laptop, don’t overlook refurbished versions. Buying refurbished allows you to purchase a computer with more features thanks to the reduced price. Once you have determined the laptop has the specifications you are looking for, there are certain items you need to check to guarantee the device will work as it should. Here are some areas to pay close attention to for the best results.
When you go to test a refurbished laptop, head over to the Windows desktop and hold down the right mouse button. When the drop down menu appears, select properties and choose the desktop tab when it appears. Inside the background window options, choose none to turn the desktop to a solid blue color. Now examine the screen carefully to see if there are any red or black pixels. If there are, you have dead spots on the screen. One or two dead spots are okay, but if you see more than that, you need to find another device to purchase.
Take the time to check the hard drive. Many are intimidated when it comes to doing this, but it’s not that hard. Once the laptop starts, you’ll want to make sure it boots. When it does, run the Scandisk utility to see if any errors are returned. If they aren’t, the hard disk is in good working order. Check the volume of the speakers to see if you can hear clearly and, if the device has a webcam, see if it is operating correctly. The same is true of your CD-Rom or DVD player. If the device doesn’t come with movie software, check the DVD files in Window Explorer.
Be sure the battery is in good working shape. Plug the device in and see if the battery shows 100 percent. If it does, unplug the cord and see if the laptop continues to run. Wait 15 minutes and see how much battery power is left. It should have a minimum of 75 percent or you may have to replace the battery in a short period of time.
Taking these steps ensures you get a laptop that is in good working condition. Be sure tovisit toughbookdepot.com to see the wide selection of devices available. You are sure to find one that meets your needs and your budget.

The BTH K10A

Nice spec sheet for the BTH K10A. These are very rare. If you want to find these you need to be in the UK or Canada and even then they are very rare..

ESR Meter Digital

ESR Meter Digital
Pattern generator dan cross test untuk VGA-TV dari ESR Meter terbaru

Alat ukur ESR-kapasitor - C.ESR mempermudah perbaikan semua perangkat elektronik tanpa melepas komponen di board .Ditampilkan dengan nilai kapasitas dan nilai ESR melalui LCD 16x2. Sangat berguna daripada mencabuti elco yang menyita waktu .

Nilai resistansi dari elco , bila menyimpang berarti kondisi elco kurang baik dan harus diganti . 


You can also look forward to a special nod to Canadian artists with the Made in Canada showcase where Canadian artists are featured exclusively. Look to the Guru Stage for acts like Recife, Botnek and LOL Boys. To make this year a real Canadian love fest, Montreal labels will also be given their own label showcases with three days devoted to Canadian artists. Montreal has perfected the summer festival so it’s no surprise that nobody does leisure better than Montrealers. But, Piknic Electronik is an international sensation and who wouldn’t want to travel to Montreal in the summer to play a show? Look forward to artists from labels like Night Slugs, Hemlock, Traum, Border Community and Hotflush Recordings. There’s no reason not to conclude the weekend with a lazy Sunday basking in the sun and taking part in vibrant music scene that has put Montreal on the musical map.

This year there are no excuses. You can’t even blame your children for not going. Piknic Electronik is proud to be a family friendly affair so you’re actually encouraged to bring the kids and it’s free for children under 12. Show the little ones that you’re still “hip” and that you’re by no means a “jive turkey.” Even if they don’t like electronic music, they’ll have fun networking with other children in the newly renovated Family Space. This year there are more playgrounds, games and children oriented activities than ever before. There’s even mini golf, which I guess is just regular golf to small people but hours of fun nonetheless.
I’m pretty sure that future generations will commemorate the Piknik Electronik festival with a national holiday or day of worship. But Piknic Electronik is not just one day; it’s every Sunday from May 22 until September 25.