Tuesday, November 19, 2013

E-cigarette Do eCigarettes Really Have No Nicotine?

Many smokers who have had a hard time quitting may find that nicotine free e-cigarettes are a blessing. But not all electronic cigarettes are nicotine free. Truthfully, not all e-cigs are nicotine free. E-cigarettes that are nicotine free can replicate the functions of a cigarette and give the satisfaction of the act of smoking real cigarettes users crave. An e-cigarette doesn't release flame or tar so you don't have to worry about ashes or the cigarette smell that stays on your clothes, furniture, or car.
Many smokers are going for e-cigarettes and turning their backs on nicotine patches or gums, and prescription medicine. They're doing this to cure their smoking addiction; this is a better option for them. The water vapor released from e-cigarettes does no put the health of people around the smokers at risk to the harmful effects of burning tobacco. But, it is still being linked to other products that are tobacco related. This has lowered e-cigarettes potential as possible aid for smokers who are having a hard time converting to a lifestyle that's healthier.
One other feature of an e-cigarette as smoking substitute is its ability to deliver nicotine, if you prefer to have it. Depending on its brand, e-cigarettes can be loaded with cartridges that can contain nicotine. As a dangerous substance, nicotine has long been known to pose hazards to your heart. Different brands have different formulations of its nicotine content and buyers have to be aware of this before indulging in these cartridges. The amount of nicotine can vary from less than 10 mg up to a staggering over 50 mg or more then 3% of its overall liquid composition. Granting that there is absence of tar in e-cigarette, the amount of nicotine that can possibly be incorporated in the product will not help anyone looking to kick the addiction. If anything, it will only encourage the habit.
Cigarette vs E-cigarette
In terms of tar content cigarette still trumps any e-cigarette even if the latter does contain nicotine. This toxic substance, produced upon the burning of the cigarette, is responsible for the staining of smokers' teeth and lung diseases. A smoker trying to quit can do away with these health risks by switching to an e-cigarette. The device's heating element or atomizer can still deliver the water vapor that you can inhale like cigarette smoke. The amount of water vapor can vary per brand so you can have the option to get the e-cigarette that best mimics your favorite tobacco's smoke density. If you want to do away with any form of toxin altogether, you can also opt for a non-nicotine ecigarette.
Main Point
There are numerous e-cigarette brands available in the market that's ideal for your needs and budget. You can check out the advantages of smoking e-cigarettes if you want to slowly allow your body to adjust to a less harmful option. Those who are thinking about a nicotine-free e-cigarette can get the most rewards of transitioning to a healthier smoking habit. To find the ideal e-cigarette for you, you can do comparison shopping like with other products.

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