Monday, September 23, 2013

Like A Ton Of Bricks

 Here is a dollar bin sleeper. Private Sector were a New Jersey scene punk'ish new wave act that played under a couple of different names in the clubs, Odin, The Proof etc depending on the style of music and clientele they were playing for.

 Like A Ton Of Bricks was their first of two singles, coming out in 1983 on the not insignificant and one day to be bought by Sony,  Relativity Records. There is a 1986 single and a 1987 album, but nothing else they did was as funky as this instrumental B side.

Private Sector - Bricks Mix (Instrumental)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


A few weeks ago during Labor Day weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Miami's Psychic Mirror's twice in Southern California and it was really an amazing thing to experience. For any of you uninitiated, they are an 8-12 piece boogie band that really know how to put some slide in yo glide and some dip in yo hip. They also got some new material coming out of PPU and it sounds pretty awesome from what I have heard. I was fortunate enough to host the entire band along with the Miami Players Club along with the rest of the Cosmic Chronic family. Copious amounts of beer, boogie and buds was a good way to enhance the positive vibe from coast to coast. Major shout out Mickey and Co. for their talented funk agenda! Keep an eye out for these cool cats!

I recently acquired this piece of Italo history in a truth telling contest two towns over. It is very uncommon to come across this Italian masterpiece but it has a pretty good effect on the dance floor from what I have seen. Plustwo was a 4 piece band who on the surface are quite "poppy", but still manage to keep your interests piqued with good drum programming and catchy keys. For some people the chipmunk vocals are a deal breaker but I really think it fits really good with the overall vibe of the song. The 12" version of this track borders on "grail" status for a lot of people because it is highly elusive and gives you an extra two minutes of groove but commonly goes for over $400 bucks. The 7", which I am posting here, is slightly easier to find but still pretty scarce and can be had for like a 1/4 of the price. 

They made a pretty legit music video for this track which I will put in our Mega TITE Facebook page. Check it out sometime if you are interested in watching some lo-fi home made video footage. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The 5 Laws of Management And How Learn More

What to Expect from a Contact Center Solution Keeping efficient contact with clients is crucial for businesses to maintain a good relationship with their client. Methods for keeping contact are many and varied. Either side can initiate the contact. The bigger the contact center, the bigger the challenge in keeping it all managed properly. When it becomes too much to manage, contact center solution comes into play. When your workers have to spend more of their time with calls, they spend less time elsewhere than they should. Relying solely on agents may open opportunity for human negligence to affect your business. This can lead to a fall in your reputation. A major difference could be made with the simple inclusion of a contact center solution. The use of a contact center solution can provide innumerable benefits, including: Tracking agent productivity –Short Course on Calls – What You Should Know
By tracking an employee’s activity while they are on the clock, this solution can make sure they are spending their time in the company’s best interests. The contact solution can keep track of how well an agent manages their call time. More specifically, the solution can also monitor the state of the call – from on hold to idle to active conversation – and the data can help determine if the agent’s time was well spent. An agent could be judged in their productivity just by the data recorded by the solution.
5 Uses For Recordings
Keep the phone call for review – Sometimes a customer may take issue with a specific call. Records allow a manager to take a look at the call and justify the contents to the customer. Successful calls can be used to show new agents the ropes. Maintain a record of information gathered in the calls – While talking to a customer, an agent can use information previously gathered to aid them. Studying the information recorded by the solution can lead to greater sales in the future. Keep a bead on the other contact point – The day and age we live in means that call centers are more than just a bunch of telephones as the only point of contact. Programs that allow instant communication – from messaging services to email systems – are also mainstays in the new era of keeping contact. The contact center solution adapts to emails and online chats just as easily as phone calls. The contact center solution’s ability to keep up with the changes in technology cannot be underestimated. Adapting is what the contact center solutions do, including adapting to cloud based systems. With a simple monthly payment, a contact center solution will manage your contacts for you. By relying on a service to take a good deal of work away from your agents, you free them up to focus on the consumer.

What Makes An Effective CRM System?

CRM, or ‘customer relationship management’ features all facets of a company’s interaction with its customer, be it sales or service-related. So how does this strategy apply to businesses and what is the most effective ways to utilise it?
What it should enable you to do, is reach out to new customers, therefore maximising your profitability, as well as understanding and retaining the ones you already have.
Ultimately, to be effective for your business, the CRM system should suit your need most of all. As a result, it is prudent to map out the key areas and outcomes you want to focus on in your business.
From there, you need to think about your customers. How are you going to build a relationship between your business and your customer base? What do your customers need from you, what are their reasons for selecting you and what can you provide? How do your service team best fit this model and interact with the customers? These are all questions that once you have considered, will see you gain the most from your CRM system.
Once installed, how do you know that your CRM system is being used effectively? Well, first off, what it should do is provide an instant channel of insight into your customer, forecasting several sales opportunities that you can then work towards. It should also create a highly personalised approach to your customer communication, which will greatly enhance the on-going relationship you have between you customers and yourself. It will need to chart the progress you and your team are making with your client, to give you up to date, relevant information that you can access instantly.
Today, CRM relies predominantly on the use of technology, but the variety of strategies to an effective CRM system will assimilate, manage and connect information relating to your customer. The aim is for you to then manage your market in the most effective way possible. It is evident that having a healthy and reliable CRM system goes a long way to a having a healthy business.
An effective CRM system should help to streamline your way of working; to integrate it carefully and not rely on it fully. It is a technological tool to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes and therefore should not be considered as a replacement for real life interpersonal communication. It has to work in unison with your current methods.

Purchasing a Used Toughbook-What to Look For

When you find yourself in a need of a new laptop, don’t overlook refurbished versions. Buying refurbished allows you to purchase a computer with more features thanks to the reduced price. Once you have determined the laptop has the specifications you are looking for, there are certain items you need to check to guarantee the device will work as it should. Here are some areas to pay close attention to for the best results.
When you go to test a refurbished laptop, head over to the Windows desktop and hold down the right mouse button. When the drop down menu appears, select properties and choose the desktop tab when it appears. Inside the background window options, choose none to turn the desktop to a solid blue color. Now examine the screen carefully to see if there are any red or black pixels. If there are, you have dead spots on the screen. One or two dead spots are okay, but if you see more than that, you need to find another device to purchase.
Take the time to check the hard drive. Many are intimidated when it comes to doing this, but it’s not that hard. Once the laptop starts, you’ll want to make sure it boots. When it does, run the Scandisk utility to see if any errors are returned. If they aren’t, the hard disk is in good working order. Check the volume of the speakers to see if you can hear clearly and, if the device has a webcam, see if it is operating correctly. The same is true of your CD-Rom or DVD player. If the device doesn’t come with movie software, check the DVD files in Window Explorer.
Be sure the battery is in good working shape. Plug the device in and see if the battery shows 100 percent. If it does, unplug the cord and see if the laptop continues to run. Wait 15 minutes and see how much battery power is left. It should have a minimum of 75 percent or you may have to replace the battery in a short period of time.
Taking these steps ensures you get a laptop that is in good working condition. Be sure tovisit to see the wide selection of devices available. You are sure to find one that meets your needs and your budget.

The BTH K10A

Nice spec sheet for the BTH K10A. These are very rare. If you want to find these you need to be in the UK or Canada and even then they are very rare..

ESR Meter Digital

ESR Meter Digital
Pattern generator dan cross test untuk VGA-TV dari ESR Meter terbaru

Alat ukur ESR-kapasitor - C.ESR mempermudah perbaikan semua perangkat elektronik tanpa melepas komponen di board .Ditampilkan dengan nilai kapasitas dan nilai ESR melalui LCD 16x2. Sangat berguna daripada mencabuti elco yang menyita waktu .

Nilai resistansi dari elco , bila menyimpang berarti kondisi elco kurang baik dan harus diganti . 


You can also look forward to a special nod to Canadian artists with the Made in Canada showcase where Canadian artists are featured exclusively. Look to the Guru Stage for acts like Recife, Botnek and LOL Boys. To make this year a real Canadian love fest, Montreal labels will also be given their own label showcases with three days devoted to Canadian artists. Montreal has perfected the summer festival so it’s no surprise that nobody does leisure better than Montrealers. But, Piknic Electronik is an international sensation and who wouldn’t want to travel to Montreal in the summer to play a show? Look forward to artists from labels like Night Slugs, Hemlock, Traum, Border Community and Hotflush Recordings. There’s no reason not to conclude the weekend with a lazy Sunday basking in the sun and taking part in vibrant music scene that has put Montreal on the musical map.

This year there are no excuses. You can’t even blame your children for not going. Piknic Electronik is proud to be a family friendly affair so you’re actually encouraged to bring the kids and it’s free for children under 12. Show the little ones that you’re still “hip” and that you’re by no means a “jive turkey.” Even if they don’t like electronic music, they’ll have fun networking with other children in the newly renovated Family Space. This year there are more playgrounds, games and children oriented activities than ever before. There’s even mini golf, which I guess is just regular golf to small people but hours of fun nonetheless.
I’m pretty sure that future generations will commemorate the Piknik Electronik festival with a national holiday or day of worship. But Piknic Electronik is not just one day; it’s every Sunday from May 22 until September 25.

Monday, September 9, 2013


  Gospel-boogie is a style overridden with more tepid one tracker LPs than regular non-gospel boogie, which is quite an accomplishment. It is all too often that these records step over the bounds of cheesiness outweighing any small nugget of that certain sound we all look for.  There are still some quality tunes out there waiting to be rescued from a wasteland of Savoy and Light label junk.  Black Shag already posted one of the uncontested heavyweights of the genre.

  I found another cheap copy of Kenny Smith's Witness LP a few days ago, a record I hadn't touched since I made this mix nearly a year ago. At that time I was pulling things out on the fly and the first track sounded good, so in the mix it went. This weekend I spent a little more time with the record and realized its actually pretty solid, there are several strong tracks which in my mind automatically places it in the upper 10% of any boogie type record. The title track "Witness" is possibly the best. If you can hang past the sax solo at the beginning you'll be treated to some shimmering 1986 production and vocals that are mercifully subtle in their Jesus-related subject matter.

Kenny Smith - Witness