Thursday, September 12, 2013


You can also look forward to a special nod to Canadian artists with the Made in Canada showcase where Canadian artists are featured exclusively. Look to the Guru Stage for acts like Recife, Botnek and LOL Boys. To make this year a real Canadian love fest, Montreal labels will also be given their own label showcases with three days devoted to Canadian artists. Montreal has perfected the summer festival so it’s no surprise that nobody does leisure better than Montrealers. But, Piknic Electronik is an international sensation and who wouldn’t want to travel to Montreal in the summer to play a show? Look forward to artists from labels like Night Slugs, Hemlock, Traum, Border Community and Hotflush Recordings. There’s no reason not to conclude the weekend with a lazy Sunday basking in the sun and taking part in vibrant music scene that has put Montreal on the musical map.

This year there are no excuses. You can’t even blame your children for not going. Piknic Electronik is proud to be a family friendly affair so you’re actually encouraged to bring the kids and it’s free for children under 12. Show the little ones that you’re still “hip” and that you’re by no means a “jive turkey.” Even if they don’t like electronic music, they’ll have fun networking with other children in the newly renovated Family Space. This year there are more playgrounds, games and children oriented activities than ever before. There’s even mini golf, which I guess is just regular golf to small people but hours of fun nonetheless.
I’m pretty sure that future generations will commemorate the Piknik Electronik festival with a national holiday or day of worship. But Piknic Electronik is not just one day; it’s every Sunday from May 22 until September 25.

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