Sunday, April 7, 2013

Don't Give Up

 This was a weird score to make in backwoods Northern California, a rare'ish UK boogie 12" that I would have thought would have been limited to those lucky enough to come across it in an East London charity shop or hanging up on a record store wall in plastic, priced in euros somewhere, but who am I to argue with divine providence, I'll take it.

 Claudia put out a couple of funk singles on the Ilford, Essex based Rhythmic Records, an obscure new wave punk label run by the members of British industrial band Portion Control. I had heard Don't Give Up (Your Love) before on some mixtape and its around on the internet, but hadn't heard the more electro sounding B side, Do You Wanna Dance With Me, before anywhere, so it might be it's first appearance on digital, who knows.

Claudia - Don't Give Up (Your Love)
Claudia - Do You Wanna Dance With Me

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